SAW Contract Tailor Made are constantly looking for innovative materials, with very stringent, ecological, natural specifications and that combine a high technical content with a high standard of aesthetics and feeling for customers: our craftsmanship mold the various materials into a finished product that transmits its value through forms and tactile experience.


Multiple types of simil leather, all different from each other, with a vast ranges of colors and finishes: standard imitation leather of Italian origin or eco-sustainable leatherette, easy to clean, stain resistant and anti-ink, when used, create a durable, high-strength and ecological object.


SAW proposes the value of real leather, the elegance of genuine leather with the addition of infinite finishes, colors and for various uses. Pleasant tactile sensations, high hygienic resistance, breathability characterize leather and hide. Bonded leather, as an addition, responds to eco-sustainability and recycling criterion.


The Italian indoor and outdoor fabrics by SAW, offer a wide range of patterns and colors, they are breathable, stain resistant, water resistant, oil resistant, fire retardant in class 1, eco-sustainable, with 6-year color guarantee. Most of them are the result from recycling processes and products using plastic waste.

Methacrylate Forex

The plastic derivative called methacrylate represents functionality, practicality and aesthetics. Useful to various uses, moldable, easily customizable, with an infinite number of colors and finishes to choose from. In addition, Forex is an excellent moisture-resistant structure and water repellant.


Wood for SAW is a winning weapon, often used as a water resistant structure and moisture to create any kind of box or tray, or as a final material with the application of special or natural finishes. Its versatility makes it a material suitable for any environment.


Over time, steel production techniques have been perfected and diversified, so nowadays there are many types of steels, each relating to different design and market needs that SAW has been able to use and perfect for the most disparate.