What we do

Creating a custom-made luxury product is a complex process: we at SAW have summarized all macro steps here in 5 steps: from the first meeting with the customer, the selection of materials to be used, the design and prototyping phase, stock and finally the phase of delivery and after-sales assistance.
Meeting with the customer
The SAW team assists the customer in every phase of the project; the first step is to understand his needs, his tastes, the environment in which the object will be placed and its philosophy. Subsequently a tailor-made project is sewn, which can be prototyped and presented to touch our craftsmanship and our "made in Italy", or "The SAW way". Each meeting cannot miss the presentation of the wide range of SAW materials, the multiple finishes and the infinity of colors available. The knowledge of the customer, his expectations and direct contact allow us to start the "tailor-made" project.
Selection of materials
The quality of SAW's contract production is also highlighted thanks to the selection of materials. The SAW team offers the customer a wide range of innovative materials to choose from. Each material has strengths and characteristics that make it suitable for certain productions. The selection of materials is very important and is carried out carefully based on the use of the final object, the place where it will be placed and the customer's taste. SAW undertakes to test the materials it presents and to know their characteristics in every detail. The research is continuous and follows the fashions of the moment and philosophies. Looking for materials with high resistance, anti-stain, anti-ink, easily washable, eco-sustainable is a constant challenge that SAW is committed to fulfilling. In addition, the finishes and colors are infinite and allow you to always create a unique item.
To create a Tailor Made object capable of reflecting the customer's needs, a phase of technical analysis and design is essential. Each item is unique and must be studied in detail: dimensions, shapes, finishes, customizations, seams, materials and colors are presented in a technical drawing and where necessary in a render. Viewing this project, the customer can have a graphic preview of the article created by himself and the SAW team. The design will also be the starting point for global production and for eventual prototyping. Creating a prototype can be useful both for SAW and for the customer, in the case of complex, innovative and to be tested items. Designing in the SAW world means transporting the customer's ideas and expectations into the world of production. This meeting point represents "The SAW way", that is, making an idea and a desire achievable.
Made to measure
The SAW production department creates the ideas and wishes of our customers every day. Starting from a technical drawing and the presentation of the project, the hands of our skilled and expert craftsmen begin the creation phase. Each object is unique, handmade and reflects the quality of the materials used. At all times, the production department is in close collaboration with the technical department and communicates with the sales department in order to create constant monitoring of production. every information collected by the customer must be transferred and made visible in production; Each production department specializes and is dedicated to the production of a specific type of product: textile department, carpentry, painting, bookbinding, leather goods and mechanical workshop. Each craftsman undertakes to complete the project as defined and within the established times.
Supply and assistance
Finishing a production is always a great satisfaction for SAW. Compliance with the established production and delivery times are a fundamental objective: SAW undertakes to constantly update the customer on the receipt of raw materials, on the start of production and on the delivery date. Each creation is packaged and shipped personally to the customer who can track his order at any time. Subsequently, the customer can count on the availability of SAW for any need relating to the product, thanks to the after-sales service. The opinion of our customers, being able to see the object made in use and being able to check its quality is fundamental for SAW.