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SAW products are all made to measure and produced in Italy and they are promoted to the hotels, dividing them by area: catering, conference areas, reception, rooms and suites, bathrooms, wellness centers. We add as well the textile division with, curtains and cushions, suitable for use in common areas and bedrooms.



We are constantly looking for innovative materials, with very stringent, ecological, natural specifications and that combine a high technical content with a high standard of aesthetics and feeling for customers: our craftsmanship mold the various materials into a finished product that transmits its value through forms and tactile experience.

About us

SAW is made up of people dedicated to the customers, constantly looking for innovative materials and to the study and design of new articles. Our philosophy? “It's not what we can offer, but what our customer wants”. Dynamism, precision, creativity, craftsmanship e know-how are our guiding words.